Alright, I'm still trying to get my head around this - so bear with me. A couple photos of Tre were recently posted on Instagram with the following caption:

"And that's wrap! A fun yesterday with the Icelandic death metal band the #DeadMermaids featuring "Bjorn Roarkson" drums & vocals, the "Halibut" lead guitar & the "Silverfish" on bass is in the can. The video for their single "My Fish" from their self-titled debut EP will be out in mid-October!"

Then "Bjorn" showed up at a Yoga class:

Someone on GDC pointed out the story of Bjorn Roarkson was actually part of this promotional video for SJC Drums:

And final clue I have is that the above video was posted September 18th on the site with the title "BJORN B ROARKSON" and tagged under "Dead Mermaids". Roark appears to be a clothing line with some creativity behind it. Here's part of their "About Us"
"The line is derivative of Roark's experiences, consisting of images, thoughts and trinkets collected along the course of his adventures. They are the artifacts of his experience. "

So there you go. Now you know everything I do. Feel free to piece your own theories together in the comments below.

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