In May of 2016, Spotify announced a new, original series called Landmark. This documentary series profiles the "great musical movements, told by the folks who made them." The first installment premiered last August with Metallica as the ... read story
Way back in 2012 Green Day announced they were making a documentary about the pre-Dookie days. Two years ago they started asking for archival videos people might have from those days and announced the documentary would be geared more about ... read story
Billie Joe took to Instagram to let fans know about their upcoming documentary (originally announced back in 2014) about the easy bay punk rock scene they grew up in. The bulk of his message was encouraging people to not focus too much on ... read story
Green Day will be producing a new documentary that focuses on the early east bay punk scene that they came out of. The documentary, "East Bay", will be directed by Corbett Redford, himself a musician and filmmaker from the bay area, ... read story
Green Day wants your help compiling footage for their next project, a documentary looking back at the early years of the band from 1987 through 1993. If you can help or know someone who has original footage, flyers, photos or audio ... read story
Many of you may remember that last October after Green Day's secret Halloween show in New York, Rolling Stone revealed that the band was filming the show for a new documentary. After a few months of hearing nothing more about the teased ... read story
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