The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
We've uploaded more than a dozen new Green Day tattoos sent into us by fans. Check them all out here. If you have one you'd like to submit, mail it to ... read story
Happy Halloween! If you carved some Green Day pumpkins mail them over to us Check out some from previous years in this album ... read story
A Green Day fan from Italy has orchestrated and recorded a unique and awesome piano cover of Green Day's track "Oh Love." Check out the cover below and let us know what you think in the comments ... read story
Soundcloud user lateseptember and GDC forum member alex55 has put together a great full band cover of Green Day's unreleased track, "Dreamcatcher." "Dreamcatcher" comes from a soundcheck the band did back in 2010 during the 21st Century ... read story
We're currently working on a 2013 recap zine which will be available in a limited print and as an e-book. It will recap Green Day's year and highlight some of our favorite memories as fans around the world went out to see the band live. We' ... read story
The following Rubik's Cube was made by Green Day fan Anna in Germany. It features artwork from many of Green Day's albums. View it here. I really really wish I had this sitting on my desk. Fuck colors, this would be so much more ... read story
This is awesome. YouTuber Kye Smith has put together this 5 minute drum medley covering Green Day songs from every album. Check out more of Kye's videos on YouTube ... read story
Green Day fan Justin from BJGuitars has written about his adventures with Green Day since seeing them live at Woodstock. For those of you who don't know Justin, he's been a fan since 1994 who now spends his time making Blue replicas and ... read story
After many votes casted and dozens of photos captured--we have a winner! Eleonora's (Minority103 on the forum) fabulous photo, representing the song "Walk Away," was voted the winning entry. She will be receiving a one year membership ... read story
We know that some of our visitors are insanely gifted, and create great works of Green Day-related art. But, we've found something that wasn't done with a pencil and paper, or any other traditional medium. Back when you were a child, ... read story
After a short delay (sorry about that), round 5 of our Best Green Day Guitar Solo tournament is finally up. 8 songs remain out of the 92 we started with. This round truly is 'old vs. new,' with the following random match-ups: Dry Ice vs ... read story
We're down to 16 songs in our "Best Green Day Guitar Solo" tournament. In the last round you guys voted for one song to advance of the remaining 23, and the top 16 with the most votes have moved on. Check out the tournament page to see ... read story
After two rounds and 46 songs eliminated, our tournament moves on toward finding out which Green Day guitar solo is the fan-favorite. Due to an uneven number of guitar solos (making 1 vs. 1 match-ups impossible), round 3 will occur in the ... read story
Round 1 is now done in our Best Green Day Guitar Solos tournament. The first round had 92 songs up against one another, and today round 2 starts up with the 46 songs a majority of you voted to advance. You can start voting in round 2 on ... read story
The GDA team is always thinking of new ways to entertain and inform all of you. The latest event on GDA is sure to do just that. Starting today, all of you will be able to vote for your favorite of Green Day's many guitar solos in a ... read story
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