Happy New Year!

Jan. 1, 2009 / Comments
Happy New Year to all of you great people. 2008 was pretty exciting for us Green Day fans, and no doubt there's ton's more coming in 2009. We have a new editorial going up tomorrow, written by Cheryl (*withoutadoubt* on the forum) who writes about the anticipation we have for the good things coming from Green Day this year. So come back for that.

Here's the recap of 2008 that I promised. All the note-worthy events that happened in the Green Day world last year can be found there, with links for all the details you could want. It's definitely a wonderful way to get caught up.

I'd like to give my sincerest thanks to all of you who have visited GDA for so long. Not just a half-assed thanks, but the sincerest. I'm extremely lucky to be able to interact with so many of you and be a part of this niche website. You have to admit, of all the things on the net, we're certainly in our own corner. Thanks for sticking by us and visiting so frequently. We'll be doing our best to make things even better throughout 2009 as we wait in anticipation for Green Day's next album. We can finally say it's coming this year!

To start off on a clean slate, we've archived all the news, which you can find in the aptly named News Archives.
Just in case some of you have still not read the AP article, here are the scans of the magazine which was released earlier this month. It's a great update on the progress of the new album. We'll have a new editorial article up in a ... read story
Written by Cheryl. We are...the waiting. We are...the patient. We are...the loyal. We are...the devoted fans of a Grammy Award winning punk rock trio from northern California. And at long last, the waiting is finally almost over; a new ... read story
Sorry I hadn't mentioned this earlier, but J'net has updated the Other Crew page. I'm pretty excited to see this section continue to grow a bit, and hope you guys enjoy it as well. She has up some mini bio's and info up for people Green Day ... read story
Merry Christmas fellow Green Day fans. Hope you all have a splendid day ... read story
Warner Bro's decided to back out of an agreement with YouTube to allow their artists music/videos on the popular video sharing site. As a result, tons of videos have been removed or disabled because the site no longer has the rights to ... read story
Hearing our playlist on the radio last night was pretty amazing. If you didn't get a chance to hear it, stop by the forum for links to download the file. My thanks to Absolute Radio, Ben Jones (DJ who played the list), and the thousands of ... read story
Today Absolute Radio will play our playlist from the Rockoff contest; 12 songs that we chose, 6 Green Day songs, 6 non Green Day songs. They've been mentioning the site on the radio all day and we're pretty excited about winning. We ... read story
Thanks to everyone's work in getting out the vote we've won Absolute Radio's Rockoff contest. They will be playing our playlist tomorrow at 9pm GMT, 4pm EST. We went through 4 rounds of voting against the Kaiser Cheifs, The Strokes, ... read story
Today is the final day to vote for Green Day against Pink Floyd. Everyone needs to click here, vote for Green Day, then pass the link on to your friends. If we win, Absolute Radio dedicated December 22nd to Green Day, and we get our own ... read story
Voting has now started in the final round of the Rock off. Green Day vs. Pink Floyd. We need everyone's help in voting and sharing the link. Pass it around to all your friends and tell them to vote for Green Day. Vote now!Mr. Mike Dirnt ... read story
Update: We won!! Green Day won with 50.2% of the vote, only 45 votes. That was the closest contest so far, and we made it with our final push of votes. Thanks again to all of you. We vote again tomorrow for the final round. Billie Joe has ... read story
Today we're up against Coldplay in the Absolute Radio Rockoff, we're one of the final 4 sites to have made it to the semi finals! The Coldplay forum is very large, so we need all of you to go here and vote for "Green Day", then pass the ... read story
The new Green Day "Pop Art" shirts we first mentioned back in July are now available on HotTopic.com.Big Cheese magazine has poll up on their site asking which band will rule in 2009. Clearly with the next album coming next year, we know ... read story
Just wanted to make a quick note about something we get emails about. A few people have asked (bitched) about why we delete some comments. The two main rules for our comments is that they should be related to whatever topic is covered in ... read story
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