Warner Bro's decided to back out of an agreement with YouTube to allow their artists music/videos on the popular video sharing site. As a result, tons of videos have been removed or disabled because the site no longer has the rights to allow the copyrighted material. Green Day's official channel no longer has any videos, even the Working Class Hero video, which was posted by SaveDarfur has been removed. Read AP Story about the deal

We've also heard that a few users who had used Green Day songs in the background of the videos got notices that their videos were being taken down.

Warner's response was that they were still interested in working with YouTube to come up with a deal, but "We simply cannot accept terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide". And by "fairly compensate" I'm sure they mean give the labels 100% of the income so they can "fairily distribute" 2% of it to the artists.

The record industry isn't failing because a million people go online to watch some official Green Day videos, it's also not failing because someone decided to use Green Day in the background of a tribute video to a friend. None-the-less, Warner insists on being just a little bit more greedy and saying "fuck you" to the fans of these artists. These companies are failing because they don't think of their clients as artists, they think of them as money bags.

Rant over. Sorry. Merry Christmas eve.
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