AP has posted up the second part of it's interview with Billie Joe Armstrong. This one focuses a lot more about music. They ask him how close the band is now, and then talk a lot about their music that inspires him and how he feels about their music making an impact. Another very good interview that all of you should definitely check out.

The band is plastered all over the AltPress homepage, promoting the current magazine which is now out for purchase.

Thanks for all the votes yesterday in the Rock Off contest. We won with 77% of the vote, which moves us up into the semi-finals. Next we're up against Coldplay next Tuesday. We will definitely need the help then, so come back! We're in the final 4 participating in the semi-finals of the 16 finalists chosen. Woo
Last week our Green Day playlist made it through the first round of voting in Absolute Radio's Rockoff. 16 different forums are up against eachother with playlists for their favorite bands, we created ours with 6 Green Day songs 6 non. ... read story
Today Tre celebrates his 36th birthday. Happy Birthday from GDA!Adeline Records is having a pretty nice sale now in time for the holidays. Any orders over $25 get 10% off, while orders over $50 get 25%. They have some new hoodies and ... read story
The Daily Californian has a very interesting article about the relationship between Green Day and 924 Gilman in Berkeley. Most know that this is the place where Green Day got it's start, which ended up throwing the band out after they ... read story
Voting has begun for the Absolute Radio Rockoff, where they asked forums to come up with the ultimate playlist. Our playlist is currently up for vote against a Kaiser Cheifs forum, and voting will be held over the next 24 hours. We need to ... read story
Our forum has been selected as a finalist in Absolute Radio's Rockoff contest. We're one of a handful of forums who created our "ultimate" playlist, 6 Green Day songs, 6 non-Green Day songs, and we were chosen as one of the final 16. We go ... read story
Written by Angeline. It's been quite the year for voodoo of one kind or another. First came a wandering preacher toting an alligator head on a stick - then there was the political stuff. Which was the more significant is down to how you ... read story
New Found Glory will be playing an entire set of Green Day covers at the Hoodwinked Festival this May in East Rutherford, NJ. The band was asked to co-headline the event with a Sublime cover band 'Badfish'. I'll reserve judgment till after ... read story
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the United States. I've come to visit my parents for the holiday, so there's my excuse for not replying to emails. For the rest of the world, have a fantastic Thursday. Click the pie, it's totally worth ... read story
AP just released this interview with Billie Joe, which is separate from the article mentioned below. They focus a lot about working on the next album, talking about their inspiration and working with Butch Vig. There are some pretty quote- ... read story
AP Magazine has shipped out some of the magazines already, so we got a nice summary of the article with some exciting information about the next album. We won't post the scans up till the magazine is out on December 9th, so until then here' ... read story
Adeline Street, which was the clothing line and merchandise portion of Billie Joe's label (Adeline Records) has decided to shut down. They posted this message on their MySpace which read in part "Adeline Street has decided not to move ... read story
Following up the news from a couple days ago, AP Magazine has revealed the cover for the 'Most Anticipated Album in 2009'. The issue will be released December 9th (just a few weeks away). You can pre-order the magazine on altpress.com. ( ... read story
We're going to be re-launching a section that we never really gave much attention to, the Editorial section. We'll be having some people write some articles related to Green Day that will take a closer look at some aspects of the band. We ... read story
J'net has been working to update and re-do the Other Crew section, where we have short summaries of the other people who work with Green Day (producers/tour musicians). Check it out and we'd like to hear what you guys think. Leave some ... read story
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