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AP just released this interview with Billie Joe, which is separate from the article mentioned below. They focus a lot about working on the next album, talking about their inspiration and working with Butch Vig.

There are some pretty quote-worthy parts of the article, such as Billie explaining the problem all of them have with patience, "It's just patience, you know? For a bunch of guys that are ADHD, it's hard to have patience. "

He mentions that a lot of the new music isn't leaning toward different technology to make it, but rather looking at stuff from the past and making it better by pushing it in a new direction.
I love the sound of a great amplifier with a great old microphone that's plugged into a great preamp and hardly needs any EQ. It's just more soulful to me.
You know, it's like, how do you take something--and it could be anything from the Creation and the Who to the Beatles to Cheap Trick to the Jam--and try to expand on the idea of what is supposed to be three-chord mayhem? And how do you do it in a way where the arrangements are just unpredictable? So I'm pushing myself to be progressive in songwriting and being a songwriter. I come from a culture where I'm into great albums, and I still believe in that.
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