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Following up the news from a couple days ago, AP Magazine has revealed the cover for the 'Most Anticipated Album in 2009'. The issue will be released December 9th (just a few weeks away). You can pre-order the magazine on (Click the cover for a larger pic) was updated with the news of the AP release calling it the "first major interview since ending their tour for 2004's multi-platinum album American Idiot, the band open up about their new, Butch Vig-produced disc, the influences behind the tracks and their expectations for both themselves and for the world's response. "There's nothing to prove anymore," singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong tells AP. "We're just trying to show we have this spirit that rock 'n' roll can change lives, and it really is a religious experience that means something to us. It's more about faith now."

I enjoyed this; Chris Martin of Coldplay said the only reason his band is the best in the world right now is because the good bands, "U2 and Green Day" don't have an album out yet. "The reason we're the biggest band in the world at the moment is because the others are on holiday. That's how you get your breaks. That's how the understudy gets his opportunity. While U2 and Green Day are away, we've gotten to make the most of it."
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