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AP Magazine has shipped out some of the magazines already, so we got a nice summary of the article with some exciting information about the next album. We won't post the scans up till the magazine is out on December 9th, so until then here's a summary - and be sure to visit the AP site to get your pre-order. It's definitely worth it (and only $5).

AP visited Green Day in the studio and had the chance to hear some of the new tracks. They mention that there are three Act’s in this album (Act 1- “ Heroes and Cons”; Act 2 - “Charlatans and Saints” - Act 3 "Horseshoes and Handgrenades"). Some of it is political, but most of it very much personal. They talk about 7 songs they heard (of 16 the band has). The song "March of the Dogs" is a "religious rant", while the song "21st Century Breakdown" is a bit more personal, but still talking about how the American dream seems to fade away. A “piano-driven love ballad” called “Last Night On Earth” where Billie talks about it being a romantic moment with more between the lines.

They mention the new album seems to be in line for a spring release.

The article clarified that the last report we heard in 2006, about Billie Joe writing 45 songs on the piano, was not true. While there is some piano on the songs, Billie Joe said that just didn’t happen.

They mention a lot of older rock music seeming to stem from the inspiration for this album. The author writes about some of the songs motivation of The Beatles, The Clash and John Lennon.

The entire article has some really great descriptions of the work the guys have been doing and their feelings about it. I can't wait to find the magazine in stores, I'll definitely be going out to buy it (there's a few new pictures as well). You can pre-order the magazine on their website, right here.
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