Rolling Stone wrote, "Billie Joe Armstrong can still DIY when he wants to," in an article about Pinhead Gunpowder's mini tour:

With a beanie pulled over his bleached hair, Armstrong strolled onto the stage like one of the roadies, a Red Stripe in one hand and a guitar in the other. Armstrong told fans to put away the digital cameras. ‘YouTube can’t own everything,’ he said. ‘There’s also something called memories.’
Is it kind of funny that you can see the video of Billie Joe saying that... on YouTube? But the person respected his wish and turned off the camera right after.

Billie Joe went on to say [thanks to Amy]:
Speaking of memories. Uhm. How many people out there got digital cameras? And cell phones? Let’s put em away. You know what, YouTube can’t own everything, and its nice to have our own f**kin memories, *pointing to his head* something that goes into our brains, *pointing to his chest* and our hearts and our spirits. So we have this one opportunity, and let people misinterpret anything they f**kin want. I mean, f**k, ya know…
There are lots more videos on YouTube. And here are some more pictures.
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