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I finally got to adding 2 more bands to the fan music. So be sure to check out all the bands if you haven't been. If you have already been, check out the new bands Frantic and The Breakdowns. Make sure to check out the links or check out their myspaces or purevolume links as the bands are pretty good.

Be sure to support one of the fan music bands who are trying to get themselves to Warped Tour. Click here and listen to the songs all the way through if you like them, as it will help them get there.

Something went weird with my email, so if you applied for fan music and were not added it might be because of that. If you want your band on the fan music section, email me with your photos, bios and mp3s.

The guitar tabs have been updated with most songs from Dookie. More will be added soon.

Also, if you did not read Andres' post below, make sure to read it if you are interested in help GDA. The link is here.
Welcome back! First off, as you all apparently are quite aware, the fan of the week has not been updated for a while because of our short vacation. It is now up, so check out our newest fan of the week.Our thanks to Evelyn for sending in ... read story
The Band Tattoo's page has been updated with a picture of Billie's new tattoo on his right arm.We are looking for a new graphic designer to replace our first designer, Ness, who has had to leave for personal reasons. If you're good at ... read story
Green Day won 'Best Band' at this years ESKY awards held by US Esquire magazine. Read about other bands and awards they picked up here.The merchandise page has been updated with some new Green Day shirts and a few accessories that are now ... read story
The interview with Billie Joe and the New York Times from January of '05 has been made available through the NY Times podcast on iTunes. Click here to launch iTunes and listen.We have updated the wallpaper downloads section. And yes, Billie ... read story
As you guys probably noticed there have been no updates for a few days. I loved the hundreds of emails that said "did one of you die or something. why was the site not updated!!!" Well, thanks for the concern, but no we are all still alive ... read story
There's a new video for you guys in the video downloads. We've put up 409 in your Coffeemaker from the Pinole Valley High School show in 1990.We've made a section on our forum for you guys to get help and feedback on your music/writing. ... read story
Have you ever been curious as to what violent puppet sex would look like? Or what an overused gay guys "mangina" looks like out of clay? Well, if you really don't wanna know I wouldn't recommend this movie. Within the first 10 minutes you ... read story
Ted Nugent blasts Green Day after turning down an offer. Read the whole story here.A little bit of other news is My Chemical Romance has hired Green Day Producer Rob Cavallo in hopes of surpassing their previous albums success. Read about ... read story
Well, I have returned from my short break. We have a new Fan of the Week for this week. Check out Riley.Also, i know that lots of you like to check out the forum. Rather than going to the forum every second, just download the toolbar ... read story
Green Day won an Icon Award on Thursday night at Music for America's award celebration that honored musicians and politicians for promoting political awareness and social responsibility. (click the image to expand)We've passed the 10,000 ... read story
Fuse will be airing "Bullet in a Bible" on Tuesday, March 14 at 10PM (est) on 'Project This'. Our thanks to Blubazooka for posting a couple of the commercials airing for this episode.If you know or belong to a band that you think should be ... read story
Billie Joe will be joining Elivs Costello and some other musicians May 19 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Read moreGreen Day is nominated for two Kid's Choice Awards; Best Music Group & Best Song (Wake Me Up). Vote here ... read story
John Roecker was on 'Attack of the Show' on G4 yesterday, talking about Live Freaky Die Freaky. He talks about working with Billie Joe and why he chose him for the lead role in the film. He also mentions a small bit about working on Green ... read story
Im not even sure how to introduce this, but I suppose for all of you fans out there who want to play Billie dressup, or maybe just want a voodoo doll. You are in luck. Check out Star Doll where you can purchase Billie Joe, yes as a paper ... read story
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