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Have you ever been curious as to what violent puppet sex would look like? Or what an overused gay guys "mangina" looks like out of clay? Well, if you really don't wanna know I wouldn't recommend this movie. Within the first 10 minutes you get a very clear picture of exactly what you're getting yourself into. It's like a graphic orgy of mind boggling images and constantly thinking "what the fuck is going on?" Coming from the obviously twisted mind of John Roecker (left), you can expect some really intense imagery. I can't even begin to categorize the movie or compare it to anything else, it comes no where near anything I've seen before. It's a genre all it's own. I wont delve into the details (as much as I'm sure you'd enjoy it) about the movie, just a general overview.

The movie starts out innocently enough. A simple narration about the state of our society about one thousand years into the future. (I was disappointed to learn through this movie that there are no flying cars as depicted in Back to the Future II.) It's more of a barren society that eats bugs and kind of prances around deserty hilltops (that look eerily similar to southern California.) Then the story of "Charlie Hanson" starts with the finding of the book "Helter Skelter." The opening scene of that story jumps right in, without regret, to a very graphic, violent, extremely detailed, puppet sex scene. Don't get me wrong, I like porn as much as any other teenager, but this was not the least bit arousing. It was amusing, but running on a fine line of disturbing. You could tell the director (and anyone else in charge of modeling the puppets) enjoyed working on the details of the "naughty parts" of this movie. It seems 80% of any scene with "Charlie" involves at least some talk of sex.

The majority of musicians who lend their voices to the movie should probably not expect big things with acting career's. Billie Joe and a few other 'actors' did a really great job with their characters, to the point where you forget that it's them and actually pay attention to the movie. That can't be said for the majority in the rest of the cast. Most of them read their parts like a bad actor in a middle school play. The majority of the parts in an almost monotone voice, but for all I know, that's probably what Roecker wanted.

The movie does have it's comedic parts if you aren't easily offended. But in my opinion they are a bit rare. If you have sick sense of humor (which I fear applies to most of you) you'll probably think this movie should be nominated for an Oscar. But I wouldn't recommend anyone watch this movie with your parents, younger siblings, and at parts you might want to close your own eyes.

Between the snorting cocaine and graphic sex scenes, the shock value in the content is never boring, even if the actual story seems to drag on at times. If you like movies that are not the least bit politically correct (by anyone's standards) or you just like watching puppet porn, then you should buy the movie. If you have a weak stomach or A.D.D. then I think you're better off with the Care Bears. If you find the movie offensive, disgusting, or distasteful, send your hate-mail to John Roecker. I get feeling he would be aroused by any of the above.

If you found anything in this review offensive, you have bigger problems and should definitely not watch this movie.

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