I finally got to adding 2 more bands to the fan music. So be sure to check out all the bands if you haven't been. If you have already been, check out the new bands Frantic and The Breakdowns. Make sure to check out the links or check out their myspaces or purevolume links as the bands are pretty good.

Be sure to support one of the fan music bands who are trying to get themselves to Warped Tour. Click here and listen to the songs all the way through if you like them, as it will help them get there.

Something went weird with my email, so if you applied for fan music and were not added it might be because of that. If you want your band on the fan music section, email me with your photos, bios and mp3s.

The guitar tabs have been updated with most songs from Dookie. More will be added soon.

Also, if you did not read Andres' post below, make sure to read it if you are interested in help GDA. The link is here.
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