We've reached our goal to buy the Music Rising guitar. Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to reach the goal in one day!

Now, time for more kick ass videos on YouTube. The two below are of the University of California Band (Berkeley) playing Green Day songs for their halftime show back in 2005. Very cool stuff.

Basketcase, Welcome to Paradise

Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Poprocks and Coke, American Idiot

We got word in that the next Green Day + NRDC video will be posted on the site real soon. This video features Adrienne Armstrong talking about Green Day, NRDC, and what everyone can do to make changes in their life to help the environment. It will also feature 100 photos of Green Day + NRDC activists. Keep an eye on Green Day + NRDC for the video.

Green Day lost the Grammy award they were nominated for, Best Rock Performance with a Group or Duo, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The award was announced earlier in the day.We're trying to help purchase a special Music Rising edition ... read story
Green Day made the list at number 13 in this article on Rolling Stone.com of lost music. Below is the excerpt about Cigarettes and Valentines. The supposed follow-up to their Shenanigans, the master tapes of this album were stolen from the ... read story
Mike attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show to support designer Swaim Hutson who Mike is working with for the Obedient Sons clothing line. We got some photos from the event with Mike looking pretty fucking spiffy. Check them out in the Pic ... read story
The video contest page has once again been updated with some more videos, along with a cleaner layout. Check it out. We invite you guys to post comments about the contest and entries on the forum.Billie Joe got a really short mention in the ... read story
We've been adding entries for the Video Contest. Be sure to check them out.I've been getting lots of emails about the contest, so I'll go over a few of them here.1) Do we have to sing or show our face?     - No you do not. If you'd just ... read story
  We're starting up a new contest today here at GDA. We want people to record a video of themselves playing any Green Day song and send it in. Entries will be accepted till February 11th, followed by a vote starting February 12th to choose ... read story
Well, school has started back up again for me, so you might wanna expect updates to be a little shotty over the next week or so while i get back into the "school routine". Thanks to everyone who sent in photos of their Green Day rooms. We ... read story
GreenDay + NRDC has put up a new MySpace page to help people keep track of stuff the group is doing together. Visit their page and add them.· Green Day Rooms ... read story
Billie Joe is scheduled to attend the upcoming 'MAGIC' fashion show in Las Vegas on February 13-16. He attended the show last year as well representing Adeline Street.Thanks to 'justcause' for the info ... read story
We're having the final round of the writing contest on the forum starting today. This weeks contest is based around songwriting. If you're interested in entering, visit the forum.There's a photo of Billie Joe and his son in Rolling Stone ... read story
1039/Smooth and Kerplunk were re-released yesterday. I wasn't able to pick up 1039/Smooth, but I understand it's the same as the re-mastered one that was released three years ago and includes the bonus features on the CD, such as live ... read story
Billie Joe was mentioned at #23 on this list of the 25 best guitarists. The aggressively catchy riffs of Billie Joe Armstrong were the most important thing to happen to '90s rock next to Kurt Cobain. A thousand pop-punk bands owe him their ... read story
The Christmas edition of NME Magazine has a short interview with Billie Joe, asking what he's doing for Christmas. Click here to read the article. Thanks to Scuzzy D for the scanThe poll section has been updated asking what you guys ... read story
There's a two page review of U2's Hawaii gig when Billie Joe joined them on stage in the newest Q magainze, along with a full page photo of Billie and Bono at the concert (on the right). Billie's only mentioned a couple times, but the scans ... read story
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