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Click for more photosMike attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show to support designer Swaim Hutson who Mike is working with for the Obedient Sons clothing line. We got some photos from the event with Mike looking pretty fucking spiffy. Check them out in the Pic Vault.

Green Day has been invited to attend World Peace One, a "24 hour Global Broadcast and Telethon". Some of the guests are expected to perform, however, we don't know if Green Day is going to attend for sure yet.

Here's a really great interview with author Marc Spitz about his Green Day book "Nobody Likes You". They mostly talk about Green Day, their music and the message behind it, and even a bit about the 'lost album' Cigarettes and Valentines. Thanks to Delfina for sending us the link.

There is a Green Day website I'd like you guys to check out. It's called Green Day 12301, and the people who run it are pretty cool. They have a pretty impressive section with info about each of the bands on Adeline Records, and they update their site pretty regularly.
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