Kerrang Scan - Click to view full sizeGreen Day made it into Kerrang!’s Top 25 Bands of Our Lifetime. They came in at number 5, behind AC DC, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, and Iron Maiden. They were given the sub-title "The biggest punk band of all time". But number 5 of all the bands in the world? That's definitely a damned good place to be. Here's the scan from the article in Kerrang!. The words a pretty small, so you'll have to read closely, but we'll try to get a higher quality scan soon. None-the-less, our thanks to Sazzrah for getting that scan to us so quickly.

Tomorrow we will be launching a really nice new feature on GDA. You will need the latest version of the Flash player to view it. So you should download it here when you get the chance. Ooo I like surprises!!
Billie Joe was on the cover of Total Guitar last week. They talk to him about American Idiot, his early taste in music, his top 5 albums and there is also a page about Billie's guitars. Thanks to Hannah for scanning these for us. Cover &# ... read story
Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. 2,464 of our troops have died in Iraq, and there are still over 130,000 troops over there and thousands more in Afghanistan. Each has their own story, their own friends, and their own family ... read story
Green Day won Best Album for the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards on May 25th.They also landed on Australia's top 100 Video Hits this week with Minority (#87), Boulevard of Broken Dreams (#25), Wake me up (#21), Holiday (#18), and American ... read story
Congratulations to Tino - the winner of the Whatsername contest. You can listen to his entry as well as the runner up still on the contest page ... read story
Green Day is mentioned briefly in the newest issue of TIME magazine. Above the pages talking about the Dixie Chicks, there are small snippits of musicians who have put out anti-war albums where Green Day is mentioned. Read HereToday is the ... read story
There is an interview in the newest issue of Blender Magazine with Billie Joe. It's basically just some random questions they asked him about everything from his parenting to the bands change in music and style. I am really proud of our ... read story
Look who has blonde hair now... The photo on the left is from yesterday at the ASCAP Award Honors where Green Day and Annie Lennox where honored (article). Green Day got honored with the Creative Voice Award as well as for Song of the Year ... read story
There are a couple new online articles that mention the update from the band about starting to work on "cool new projects". The first article from you can read here. The second article comes from MTV and below is a snippit:...a ... read story
After what seemed like an impossible task of choosing the best 5 choices from the Whatsername Contest, we have chosen a top 5. Your job now, is to go here and listen to the 5 top entries, then vote on your favorite version. To save you ... read story
Green Day has been nominated for Favourite International Group for the 2006 Much Music Video Awards. Thats a "Peoples Choice" award so you guys need to vote for them. Billie Joe and Mike were at the 15th Annual Music Videos Production ... read story
If you entered our contest between May 7 - May 10 we didn't get your entry. The links expired before I had a chance to save them. If you did send in your entry between those days, you should have already gotten an email asking to re-submit ... read story
Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been on a much needed break from this place since last week. As Tyke mentioned a few days ago, the contest did end the 12th. In the next couple days we're going to pick the top 5 ... read story
As you guys all know by now, today is the last day you have to show off your skills. If you havent already, make sure to listen to what people have entered already, or enter here.An unofficial DVD has been released in which you answer ... read story
For those of you that still haven't seen a couple of Fuse TV shows featuring Green Day, you can catch the re-runs today. Influenc'd at 11:30am and 'Loaded' at 12:30am. You can also catch a re-run of MadTV with Green Day next Tuesday (5/16) ... read story
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