May. 22, 2006 / Comments
There are a couple new online articles that mention the update from the band about starting to work on "cool new projects". The first article from you can read here. The second article comes from MTV and below is a snippit:
...a spokesperson for the band's label, Reprise Records, told MTV News that Green Day are beginning to write new material, though it's not apparent if they're working on a follow-up to Idiot...

You can read that entire article from MTV here. And you can read a follow-up article on the same news from Ultimate-Guitar here.

We know the news has been slowly lately, but don't worry. GDA is working on some new features for the site that we know will keep you guys busy and entertained. We are planning on more contests and more interactivity amongst other new features to come in the month of June. It's less than two weeks away, so just bare with us.

Fan of the Week has also been updated today. Congrats to Heather.
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