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We've now got some video of the show earlier this month where Green Day performed a hand full of songs for the 'Geezer' after-party in Santa Monica, CA. We've added setlist and some details about the show to the tour section.

SWMRS (the band that Billie's son, Joey, is in) opened the show with a few songs and had Jason White filling in on bass (watch that video). Following SWMRS was Billie's younger son, Jakob Danger, performing a couple of his own songs with "creepy uncle" Mike Dirnt and Joey Armstrong (watch that video).

After that, Fred Armisen (Portlandia/SNL/Late Nite, who's also in the movie) joined Billie, Jason, and Jakob to play a couple songs from the film. Billie Joe joked they hadn't performed together "in about a year, our band broke up". After two songs Jason White and Tre Cool joined Billie and Mike on 'stage' as Billie announced his "high school band" was going to play a few songs. They opened up with "Welcome To Paradise", and played 6 others (full setlist in the tour section).

This video opens with Fred Armisen joining Billie on stage, then Green Day's set follows.

Thanks to Youtuber MicroJow for posting the video, and Todd for posting the link on our forum.
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