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Twenty years ago today on October 10th, 1995, Green Day released their fourth studio album Insomniac.

Jesus Christ Supermarket, I mean, Insomniac, was a highly anticipated album from the band as it was the young 20 year-olds' follow up to their breakout, Dookie.

The album was marketed by four singles: "Geek Stink Breath," "Stuck With Me," "Brain Stew/Jaded," and "Walking Contradiction." While a couple singles did fairly well on the charts, the album itself charted as high as #2 on the Billboard 200 throughout 1995.

Helping the album was the release of the single "JAR," a song originally scrapped during the Dookie sessions. While the song was never part of the Insomniac release, it did help promote the album as it topped out at #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and spent 16 weeks on it during the lead up to the album's release.

Take 30 minutes out of your day today and be sure to listen to this great album with us.

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