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Well if you haven't picked up the American Pie 2 soundtrack, I suggest you head over to CDNow and get it. It's fucking great. Well I was flipping through CosmoGirl! while I was bored and I came across a section called Hi My Name Is... on page 42. It's sorta like a little quiz for all the teenyboppers. Anyway Green Day was among the 3 artists listed that you had to match up with how they got their name. And ya know what the "answer" for Green Day was? "When they annonced they were dropping out of school, their principal said they'd make it when there was one of these in hell.".....Where the hell did they come up with that?! A "Green Day" is a day of hanging out and smoking pot. Anyway, bitch at CosmoGirl! by clicking here. For this website,
I added 2 new affliates, and also the Lyrics and Discography page is up, even though it's not completely done. And...I STILL NEED ANOTHER CO-WEBMASTER!!!!!! Is there nobody that can help me? *sigh* In case I don't update, don't miss Green Day's concert at Asbury Park, NJ (in which I was at) on Reverb tomorrow, that is if you're lucky enough to have HBO.
Green Day's awesome June 26 performance at Asbury Park, NJ will air on HBO's Reverb on August 15th. Look for me in the audience. :) That show was fucking awesome! I don't have HBO but hopefully someone will tape it for me. Just so ... read story
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