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We're going to be updating the downloads section on GDA over the next few weeks, and we'd like to start off by inviting people to design some new Green Day avatars. To submit items for the page, read the details and post your designs there.

There is a new Lyrics Quiz up for you. People said the last one was too easy, so I made this one an itty bit harder. No songs from American Idiot.
We got an update from Shanty Cheryl of Recess Records about the upcoming Pinhead Gunpowder 7 inch record. You'll remember her as the photographer who took some great photos of the Pinhead Gunpowder shows last February, like the one pictured ... read story
Billie Joe was at a fundraising event for Barack Obama on Sunday in Newport Beach, CA, and two lucky fans took a picture with him. Photo by gscottbarrett. This article about the event makes a short mention of Billie Joe being in attendance ... read story
The artist who designed the new Green Day shirts we mentioned earlier this month, has posted up another design that he said will be on sale with Hot Topic very soon. This one has the same 1950's style feel to it, with a comic book-esque ... read story
There's a new documentary out about the band Pansy Division, an openly in-your-face gay punk band, with hilarious, raunchy songs, that was made famous when they were chosen by Green Day to open for them on the 1994 Dookie tour. The ... read story
I did a little more work to the Foxboro Hot Tubs page we first posted a couple months ago. Along with adding links to buy some FHT stuff, we added links for each show that'll take you to the discussions we had on the forum for each of the ... read story
The Foxboro Hot Tubs' Stop Drop and Roll continues to attract attention and some rave reviews (and other not-so-raving but funny comments).Josh Hurst has an in-depth, glowing review of the album in a piece about garage rock. He writes: ... read story
To all of you in the US, Happy Independence Day!. Hope you all have a great time this weekend doing whatever it is you're going to do to celebrate. I think I'll be going to watch the city's fireworks show tonight. Tre Cool landed as a ... read story
In the latest Rolling Stone magazine (with Barack Obama on the cover) there is an article titled "Artists Lend Voices to Obama Campaign" which they open up with a quote from Billie Joe. The night Barack Obama clinched the Democratic ... read story
On behalf of the entire GDA Staff, I'd like to wish a very Happy 14th Anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong.Today is also the 6th anniversary for 'Shenanigans' release ... read story
There's a new Green Day shirt available from Hot Topic with a design we haven't seen before. It features a family walking away from a building with an explosion in the background (Dookie reference?), and it says "Welcome to Paradise" on ... read story
The LA Times has an interview with The Offspring lead singer, Dexter Holland. They talk to him about the pressure of trying to out-do themselves, and mention how that bar was set higher with Green Day coming out 10 years after Dookie to ... read story
Green Day and the Tubbies are in some recent magazines. Geek Stink Breath posted scans of the cover of Blunt magazine and a poster of the Foxboro Hot Tubs from Blunt, which is an Australian magazine.The new issue of Kerrang comes with a ... read story
First off, thank you all for the comments/emails and posts wishing me a happy birthday. I had a pretty great day. Lots of you were wondering what happened to Highway 1 when the Foxboro Hot Tubs released 'Stop Drop & Roll'. The song was ... read story
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