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The Foxboro Hot Tubs' Stop Drop and Roll continues to attract attention and some rave reviews (and other not-so-raving but funny comments).

Josh Hurst has an in-depth, glowing review of the album in a piece about garage rock. He writes:

American Idiot was a masterpiece by just about any standards. This album doesn’t attempt to be so ambitious, but it’s almost as remarkable of an achievement; it’s every bit as enjoyable and memorable as that last album, and, as far as pure rock and roll energy, this is the most fun party Green Day has ever thrown.
Diablo magazine, which is published in the San Francisco Bay Area, has a review of Stop Drop and Roll in their July 2008 issue. Their local angle: "East Bay bar hoppers should jump straight to track three, Ruby Room, an affectionate shout-out to the Oakland dive bar where 'the Pabst Blue Ribbon unravels.'"

Von Pip Music Express has some funny (though not always positive) commentary on the song Mother Mary from some London musicians and other characters. (Scroll down to see them.)

And the Brazilian newspaper Publimetro published a short article (in Portuguese) announcing that Stop Drop and Roll is now available in Brazil.
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