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I did a little more work to the Foxboro Hot Tubs page we first posted a couple months ago. Along with adding links to buy some FHT stuff, we added links for each show that'll take you to the discussions we had on the forum for each of the 10 shows. You'll now find a permanent link for FHT on the left side navigation, right above 'The Network'.

Also if you notice the big red box above, we're asking for donations again. For those of you that can help us by using your debit/credit card or your PayPal account, you can click the 'Donate' button above. If you'd rather send cash or a money order, visit the Donation page for details. GDA does cost us over $300 every month to run, and when we come up short on money from the advertising, it's the help from our visitors that keeps us around. So thanks to those of you who have already donated, and also to those of you considering it.
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