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There's a new documentary out about the band Pansy Division, an openly in-your-face gay punk band, with hilarious, raunchy songs, that was made famous when they were chosen by Green Day to open for them on the 1994 Dookie tour. The reactions of Green Day fans were mixed, to say the least, but Pansy Division became known to a much wider audience, and even played Madison Square Garden with Green Day. The image at the right is of a poster from the Dookie tour.

The reviewer writes that the band's experience on the tour "was as much trial-by-fire as a big break: While Green Day stuck by their bill companions, fans heckled and threw bottles at Pansy Division nightly."

Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division said he was grateful for the experience: "When we started our band we thought we'd be playing to people in their 20s and 30s who were gay or gay-friendly. Suddenly we faced thousands of high school kids each night, an amazing opportunity we never expected to have."

Billie Joe appears briefly in the documentary in live performance clips. Screening dates and the trailer are here.

In other news, 72 year old country artist Glen Campbell is recording an album of covers, due out August 19, that will include Green Day's Good Riddance. The press release describes the songs chosen by Campbell for the album as "tracks that have personally moved and inspired him." Green Day really does have fans of all ages!
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