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Green Day was approached by director Michael Mayer to turn their 2004 album "American Idiot" into a stage production. Billie Joe joined Mayer in writing the book for the play to create a musical. The production started in 2009 where it had a record-breaking run at the Berkeley Rep Theater in September. The show would go on to debut on broadway in New York City at the Saint James Theater on April 20, 2010, where it'd run for a full year, closing on April 24, 2011. Billie Joe would join the cast as St. Jimmy in October 2010, February 2011, and again for the final show two and half weeks of the production. The show began touring North America early 2012 and will continue touring through the year, going to the UK/Ireland toward the end of 2012.

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It all began when a link to the Foxboro Hot Tubs' Myspace originally was sent out to just a few members of the Green Day fan club (The Idiot Club) in December 2007. There were only 3 songs uploaded to their Myspace player at the time, and the link to their official website was still under construction. Quickly though, as the link was widely being shared on the forums and sent around to people both inside and outside the Green Day community, their popularity began to rise as well as the initial rumor that they were in fact "Green Day" in disguise. The band would go on to release a full album and go on tour in 2008. Green Day played a new song by The Foxboro Hot Tubs called "It's Fuck Time" in April 2010.

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The band first popped up in the fall of '03. With rumors surrounding them immediately about the three members of Green Day being involved, the band seemed to gain some attention (mostly online) from the media.They released their first CD, Money Money 2020 in the fall of 2003 on Billie Joe's label, Adeline Records. Being on that label only added to the suspicion about who the members were. Green Day has never publicly admitted to being the band.

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Back in December of 2009, an announcement at the VGA awards by the band was made about Green Day: Rock Band. The game chronicles the band's career from their breakout success of Dookie in 1994, to their conquer-the-world releases of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown in recent years. Green Day Rock Band has 47 songs, which includes the entire Dookie and American Idiot albums... as well as 21st Century Breakdown if the six already available DLC songs are purchased. The game contains three different venues: The Warehouse, Milton Keynes, and The Fox Theater.

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