I wanted to share this message from Ben Thompson, a member of the American Idiot musical's cast. I met Ben when I attended the first preview, and we've kept in touch since then. He sent me the following message this morning:

[quote]Hey J'net! I wanted to pass some info along to you. I was reading the GDA site about everyone's expectations for the new "21 Guns" recording, and wanted to make sure everybody is as excited as I am. I know people are worried if it is going to be just the cast. It is definitely us AND the band. ... It is a collaborative effort on all fronts and it really sounds amazing. And I'm not bragging about it. We were all moved to tears ... when we heard it for the first time. ... I just wanted to make sure that the fans all know that the band won't let them down....as we all know they never do! :) I can't wait to hear the finished product! [/quote]

I am getting really excited to hear this now, and I'm delighted that we won't have too long to wait.
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