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Heart Like a Hand Grenade, the documentary by John Roecker following Green Day around while they were recording 'American Idiot', is nearly finished and will be released in early 2007. That update came directly from John to us, and he also said it was a "masterpiece to end all masterpieces!" The reason it's taking so long to come out is because of timing issues for it's release. The film will hit movie festivals early next year, and then probably come out on DVD soon after that. As soon as we can get a picture of the cover or anymore dates on when you guys can see it, we'll be sure to update.

According to Billboard.com the new Wierd Al Yankovic CD (titled 'Straight Outta Lynwood') is expected to have some parody covers of Green Day. The album comes out September 26th.

A couple weeks ago the RIAA announced that 'American Idiot' was officially certified Multi Platinum.

To round out this update, you guys can catch a re-airing of 'Decades Rock Live' with Elvis Costello and Billie Joe (some other artists as well) on Thursday at 2:30AM and 9PM EST on VH1 Classic. We still plan on putting the videos up, but Tyke has been busy with his "real" job. I guess I'm not touching his nipples the right way to get it done sooner. But it'll go up eventually for those of you who don't have VH1C.
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