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Decades Rock Live Elvis Costello & Billie Joe ArmstrongGuess what? Ready? Ok. Decades Rock Live with Billie Joe and Elvis Costello is finally up to watch in the video player! Just launch the player and go to "GDA's Picks". We put up the three Green Day songs they played, Wake Me Up, Time of your Life, and Basket Case. Enjoy!

The Band of the Week has been updated with another band, "Break Away". Courtney saw them open for The Living End this past weekend and said they rocked, so there they are. We're giving away a copy of their CD "Malaga", so sign up on that page. Congrats to Justin who won last weeks BOTW giveaway.

The merchandise sections have been updated again. I've setup "Top Viewed Items" on that page to be instant. So you guys will see the top viewed items right away, instead of weekly or monthly. I've also added some new stuff (mugs, shot glasses, some other shit and a tie) in the accessories and clothing sections. I have to admit, I think that tie is pretty damn sweet.
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