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Billie Joe Gibson Les Paul JrEarlier this year we mentioned that Gibson would be putting out a special 'Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior' signature series of guitars. After months of not hearing any info about it, Gibson has finally put up a page for the Billie Joe Guitar here and it's also featured on their homepage. All the details about it from size, pickups, strings and body type can be found there. Still no information about where and when the guitar will be available for sale or how much it'll cost - but as soon as we can get that info we'll be sure to pass it on down to you guys.

The VMA's are coming up in a couple days, and we're planning to bring you guys any updates, pictures or video (if possible) that night here on GDA. If you're not going to be around, you can sign up for the newsletter and we'll send you an email once we know the outcome of the awards, along with links to any photos or video if we have any.

The Green Day Authority LogoNow, we try to make everything we do and offer on GDA pay for itself, with no charge to you guys. That doesn't always work and sometimes we do need your help to pay for what it costs to keep GDA going. So, we're asking for any of you that can, to please donate to GDA through this page. You can donate online (recommended) or by sending money through the mail. We appreciate any little bit of help from any of you that can, and we have more information about donating and all that on the page. Thanks in advance to those of you who can help us out.
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