September 11, 2001

Sep. 11, 2006 / Comments
New York Fire Fighters raising the American Flag at the World Trade CentersToday is the 5th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. September 11, 2001 undoubtedly changed the USA, it's citizens, and our impact on the global front. No matter whom you like or dislike, or whom you ultimately believe is at fault; it is important for all of us to take a look back and remember everyone whose lives dramatically changed all in the course of one day. Those who lost their closest friends, their relatives, the people most important in their lives – both on that fateful day and in the wars that were to follow. We need to remember a time when the entire country and a large part of the world came together to believe in one thing...hope. Hope that in our darkest hour we would come out in the end, and everything would be alright. Whether you believe that shimmer of hope has faded since that day, or if better things are yet to come - hope is what makes our lives move forward, it's what gets us through the toughest times. Hope for a better tomorrow is always on the horizon if you allow it to be, and it's that which we need to remember now more than ever.
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