The new issue of Kerrang has an article about Pinhead Gunpowder's mini tour. A scan was posted on the Green Day Live Journal Community. A big thanks to them and to ebonylox for sharing it with us.

Here is a nice review of Pinhead Gunpowder's Feb. 1 show in San Pedro. It also gives some history about the band. Here's a quote:
As Armstrong took the stage I couldn't help but notice a look of anxiety. Sure, he plays to sold-out arenas, but this was personal. This was intimate. These were his roots.

And this is a short comment about the Feb. 1 show that I thought was funny and sweet:
The heckling for Billie Joe was great. It was all these fat, old punk rock Latino dudes yelling out, "lemme borrow five bucks". They fucking loved him though... the boys, the girls...
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