Here are some bits of trivia about the Foxboro Hot Tubs:

Jingletown, the name of the record label that's due to release the FHT album, is also the name of a section of Oakland:

Jingletown is located in the East Side of Oakland, California. It got its name from Portuguese cannery workers who would walk home from canning fruits when they got paid and they'd "jingle" their pockets to express their pride in their earnings.

To the right is a photo of the residential area called Foxboro, in Billie Joe's and Mike's home town of Rodeo, which many have speculated is the source of the name Foxboro Hot Tubs.

The Ruby Room, a bar in Oakland that has been described as "a great establishment, full of punk rockers, bikers and other assorted riff-raff," has a MySpace page. Guess what song plays on their page?

In other news, Green Day + NRDC posted a couple of bulletins. You can help protect the Arctic Refuge from oil drilling, and there are more action alerts on the website, under "Do Something."

They also posted Green Day + NRDC wallpapers made by the winners of a contest sponsored by the Idiot Club, and they're asking fans who made any Green Day + NRDC art to send it in.
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