The newest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (March 6th issue) has an article called "Billie Joe's Punk Reunion" which talks about the recent Pinhead Gunpwoder shows. Thanks to KimVicious for the scan.

Billie Joe is expected to be a part of a new ad campaign by Converse celebrating it's 100th anniversary. The ads will feature old and new "icons" such as James Dean, Sid Vicious, Billie Joe, and some other famous people (sports and entertainment folks). The ads are expected to be released throughout this spring in 75 countries, with some tv commercials coming later in the year. has the Foxboro Hot Tubs 7" Vinyl for "Mother Mary" listed with a release date of March 18th, and has the LP under "Green Day". Lets give it a week or so to see if this is corrected.
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