The new issue of NME has an article about the Foxboro Hot Tubs. There's a song-by-song review of the six tracks currently available. They refer to the versions of the songs with the movie sound clips in the beginning, which were only available for a short time.

If NME had been visiting GDA they would know where the Ruby Room is...
A big thanks to Laura 33 for the scan.

Artist James Jean did an illustration for Spin Magazine featuring Gerard Way, Gwen Stefani, Trent Reznor, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Ashlee Simpson as fantasy characters. Here is a sketch of the piece. Thanks to MJLS for the news.

A little fold out booklet in the last Rolling Stone, put out by the Hard Rock Cafe, included Green Day in a piece called "Artists of the Year For Life." Thanks to mayday101 for the scan.

And the lyrics section on GDA has been updated.
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