An article in UCBerkeley's newspaper quotes John Lucasey, the owner of Studio 880, where Green Day wrote and recorded American Idiot, who tells a funny story about Tre:
One time, it was a hot summer, our air conditioners broke down and Tre, the drummer, left me a little present that I didn't notice until about three or four days later. He bought a bunch of cold cuts, cut some holes in the couch and stuck them underneath. A few days later, it started to stink.
"I got him back," Lucasey added. He also said, about Green Day, "They wrote about our studio, and it's because they called it home."

There's a good new video interview out with music producer Rob Cavallo, who has produced all of Green Day's albums since Dookie. (Except Warning, which was produced by Green Day. Oops. Thanks for the correction.) [Via]

The San Francisco Bay Guardian has a new review of Pinhead Gunpowder's show at 924 Gilman St. on Feb. 10:
Armstrong stood out from the rest of the punk vocalists. His famously raucous showmanship transferred flawlessly from the arena to this smaller space. Without spotlights and pyrotechnics, his flair and drive to entertain became even more apparent.
And a recent article talks about the popularity of karaoke websites. You can listen to people singing Green Day songs here, or record yourself singing Green Day, here. (Some of the people singing know they're awful, so give 'em a break.)
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