A new blog post up from the SF Bay Guardian mentions that Pinhead Gunpowder wanted to donate some money to 924 Gilman St. to help the venue out. Instead, they asked for some new equipment, which the band bought for them. They bought them some "beautiful" new JVC speakers and a mixing board, according to SFBG journalist Alex Felsinger who attended the shows. He said the new equipment really improved the sound quality, and that the system could rival the larger Bay area venues. Read his full post. It's an interesting read and there's a clip on there (via YouTube) from the Pinhead show where they were using the new sound equipment.

The Meeting Green Day section has finally been updated. I think the last update was almost 2 years ago. There's a handful of new photos up of people who've had the chance to meet Green Day. Please send in your photos (details on the bottom of that section) if you'd like to be on there as well.
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