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The new issue of Spin magazine has a two-page photo of Pinhead Gunpowder, along with a short blurb and a quote by Jason White. The photo is by Shanty Cheryl. You can look at the scans here and here.

Mike and Tre are in a video encouraging us to support independent mom-and-pop record stores for Record Store Day, which will be celebrated April 19. Thanks to Scotty Did.

The movie Punk's Not Dead, which came out last summer, will be out on DVD April 14. It includes interviews with lots of punk and punk-influenced bands and artists, including Billie Joe. We put up some screencaps of Billie Joe from the movie in the Picture Vault.

And some final tidbits: Green Day+NRDC has raised over $10,000; Spinner has a recap of info about the Foxboro Hot Tubs; some people on the forum who ordered their Foxboro Hot Tubs Mother Mary 7" from HMV have started receiving them; and Adeline Records has put their forum back up.
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