Consequence of Sound published a great review of Stop Drop and Roll. Definitely worth a read.
Thanks to The Lackey.
Stop Drop & Roll is by far and wide a perfect example of a band doing something for the sake of doing it. Not once during the entire listen did it feel as if the band members were taking themselves too seriously, nor did the sound ever grow stale. Foxboro Hot Tubs is precisely the kind of vacation, or extended leave if you will, that needed to happen.

Here's a little tidbit about Mike Dirnt. A fan who ran into him in Hollywood at a punk rock show by the bands Prima Donna and The Billy Bones wrote:
I asked him if he was ever amazed by Green Day's success. He told me "No, because I don't really pay attention to it. If we keep writing good songs and playing as best we can, then things will be alright." Overall, he was a down-to-earth nice guy without a rock star inflated ego just hanging out in a punk rock dive-bar with friends.

And there are some new Green Day shirts in the official store. "Sexy ones," says Andres.
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