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Here's a great article talking about Warning, and the authors opinions on why it didn't really do as well as previous Green Day albums. I really liked his closing line in the article "Warning is an underrated album in Green Day's extensive catalog and while some may call a "failed experiment," I call it a "intriguing risk.""

We added the lyrics for the new Foxboro Hot Tubs songs on this page. If you have any corrections to them you'd like to send, use the form at the bottom of that page.

Some of you have written in (or posted comments) complaining that we've covered the Foxboro Hot Tubs too much lately. Comments like "This is GREEN DAY Authority, you should be talking about Green Day" prompted me to have the banner up there to be put up. The thing is, i think that many of you complaining weren't around in 2003 when The Network stuff came out, and we covered that stuff just as much. Just because the name of the band is different, doesn't mean we're not going to cover it. It still has to do with the members of Green Day, and the music is damn good. This is Green Day's side of just having fun with their music, and like-wise the banner we put up is us having fun with our site. Some of you need to sit back and relax a little bit. Green Day is still very much alive, and still very much working together. We know that they're working on a follow up to American Idiot, and i'm sure it'll be amazing. For now, just have fun with the stuff they are putting out.

Oh yeah, I'd like someone to join the team to to help out with editorial content on the site - stuff like poll's and making sure stuff we have is up to date. All thats required is some basic knowledge of HTML and obviously some appreciation and knowledge of Green Day. It's probably also helpful if you enjoy writing. If you'd like the position, send me an email with your name/age and links to examples of any work you've done.
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