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Billie Joe is on the cover of the weeks NME Magazine with the headline "New Tracks, Secret Live Appearances, GREEN DAY, Billie Joe Plots the Comeback". Their site says "Greenday’s Billie Joe talks Foxboro Hot Tubs, secret live performances and if they can really top American Idiot with their much-anticipated comeback."

We believe the new edition comes out tomorrow, we'll share the scans if someone posts something on the forum. it feels good to have a post like that. Oh yeah, the post below about the FHT May 20th date was right on. The music will be expected on iTunes then as well too. Here's what the band said about that, "The Official release date is now May 20th!!! For sure no more monkey business! We pushed it back one week so it could be an "International" release date. Yes ... itunes, Amazon, cd and vinyl! "
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