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I'm just getting back in town from the Foxboro Hot Tubs show in New Orleans. I'll write a recap soon, but for now, I have a message for all of you.

I talked to Billie Joe very briefly after the show, and I told him I write for the Green Day Authority, and asked him if he wanted to say hi to all of you. And he said yes, of course, sure. He was gracious and lovely as always.

So... Billie Joe says hi to everyone!!!
If you're reading this, that means you! Billie Joe says hi to you!

He also said thanks, to GDA, for keeping up with everything. I don't remember his exact words because I was slightly freaking out...

He took my hand in both his hands... just like a reverend! I think we can consider all of ourselves collectively, uh, blessed -- or damned to fly the freak flag -- by the Reverend Strychnine Twitch (also known as Billie Joe).

Thanks to all of you. I'm very shy and I would never have talked to him if it wasn't on behalf of all the GDA visitors. Another cool thing is I met Adam in New Orleans, who recently joined the GDA team.

To read more about the New Orleans show, these are the Reverend's own words, on MySpace, and here's a great review from And another review.

The New Orleans photos on the official FBHT site start here.
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