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The Reverend has been keeping the messages coming on the Foxboro Hot Tubs' MySpace. This one is from Texas: "Texas hold em? Damn near killed em!"

The media reviews of the Tubs' tour have been ecstatic. This one is from the Dallas Morning News, and the reviewer also wrote this. He says: "I can't overemphasize how fantastic Wednesday's Foxboro Hot Tubs concert was at the Loft."

This is from a review of the Austin show, in Sound Check:
It wasn’t American Idiot, but it was better in so many ways. These guys, who could be sitting on their asses enjoying their massive wealth, were in Austin, TX on a little punk-rock stage - and they were doing it for their fans and for themselves, for the fun of it. These guys are among the greatest live music performers of our time, and, apparently, they want to connect with their fans in a real and intimate way, just as they did 20 years ago.
Rolling Stone reviewed the FBHT show in Austin, here, and The Arizona Republic has an article looking forward to the Phoenix show on May 25.

This is a blog review of the New Orleans show that I thought was cool. And here is a recap of the New Orleans show that I wrote.

The image at the top is of someone holding up the poster for the Austin gig. The original photo is here, by alexandratx.
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