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Hey everyone! I just got back into the hotel from the Foxboro show. It was the most amazing night ever. Got to meet some awesome people who visit this site, the show was just fucking brilliant, and got to meet Mike, Jason White, and Kevin (the backup guitarist). All of them were really nice and awesome.

I've written up a full review of the show and posted it up on the forum. Click here to read it.

I just wanna give a HUGE thanks to Greg for letting us stay with him in his hotel room. Dude, you are fucking awesome, and I'm really glad I got to meet you. And also to Beth and Cheryl who are the ones that convinced me to go, and helped me out with the gas money. Again, thanks so much. I got to briefly meet some more of you that visit GDA, thank you all for stopping me and saying hi. Best day ever. So far :D
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