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The Foxboro Hot Tubs played last night in San Diego, where Billie Joe introduced Mike as, "My best friend, Mike Dirnt," with a hug and a kiss. They'll be playing tonight in L.A. at the Roxy. Stay updated or post your news on these two threads on the forum: San Diego, Los Angeles.

The official Foxboro Hot Tubs site has added photos from Austin, starting here and Phoenix, starting here.

There's a review of the Phoenix show from the Phoenix Times. The San Diego newspaper has a review of that city's show, but it's not very positive so read it at your own risk. They also have an article about the people waiting in line.

And look, here's some news not related to the Tubs' tour:

Music Rising is having a benefit sale on May 31 in New York, and the items for sale include a Green Day custom made prototype Gibson used by Billie Joe.

The latest issue of Big Cheese magazine comes with a giant poster of Green Day and has a feature about Green Day and the Foxboro Hot Tubs. (It's not online, you have to pick up a copy to see it.)

And here's a cool photo of a Madrid subway train with Billie Joe's Converse ad on it
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