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Yahoo! Music places 'Good Riddance' at #7 in the "Top 10 Most Downloaded Golden Oldies". Let's avoid the fact that they consider the 90's part of the "golden oldies", and that they mistakenly posted that Good Riddance was never released as a single (it definitely was, hitting the #2 spot on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks in 1998). But it's nice to know that this song is still so popular 11 years after it's release.

Many of you have been wondering why the Pinhead Gunpowder album still isn't available to buy on CD or mp3. We though that the cd/mp3 would be available at the same time as the vinyl, and Interpunk had the release date for the vinyl on August 12th, they've since pushed that date back to August 19th for the vinyl, which is already available from Recess Records. So, bottom line is we don't know. We'll update as soon as we hear back with a date.
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