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Green Day + NRDC is having a contest and giving away some pretty nice Green Day merch in return. Send them a photo of yourself "taking action to help the environment" and the winner will recieve an autographed Green Day photo and some Adeline merch, runners-up will recieve various other Green Day/Adeline merch: t-shirts, posters, Bullet in a Bible, "Waiting" vinyl. Lots of pretty cool crap. Visit their MySpace Blog for all the details.

A Mexican rock magazine named 'Grita' has the Foxboro Hot Tubs on the cover in an article titled "The other face of Green Day". I decided to post this up because of the unique illustration of the band, thought it was kinda cool. Click the cover to the left for the full size. If you understand Spanish, you can get a little more info here, but as far as I could tell, nothing there we haven't seen before. [thanks to Berry for the info]
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