Back in November we learned that the band was recording at the same studio where they recorded American Idiot, Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, CA - same place where they recorded previous albums as well. Someone decided to go check it out, and found the guys parking spaces reserved, pretty much confirming the band was definitely there recording. A few days ago another visit to the studio showed the parking spaces were no longer reserved, leaving us to assume that recording is done; though, with no official word from the band, we can't really make any promises. Click photo for larger version

I decided not to post this information (about where the band was recording) back in November because I'd feel guilty being responsible for dozens of people showing up at the recording studio bothering the guys when they're not looking for much attention. So now while the band stays quiet about their plans, we're trying to read the tea leaves as best we can to know whats coming up.

[Credit to hershakey for the photos. Originally posted here]

Update: Since this post seems to be making the rounds on the internet, I thought I might re-clarify that we can't confirm this news. Since we posted this, we've asked for an update from the band - but did not get a reply from their management. What we posted is based off assumptions, since the spots were reserved for a couple months. But for all we know, they could be taking a break or just temporarily gone. We'll follow up with any sort of confirmation as soon as we can.
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