We've heard a couple rumors about Green Day playing some festivals this summer, around the time of the new album release. Many of you will remember that the band made their re-appearance in 2004 with a show at Reading Festival a couple months before American Idiot came out. A blog post over at Mercury News says they've heard rumor of Green Day showing up at the Coachella festival April 17-19th. This info coming from the most recent information of Billboard mag, which thinks "Green Day will use the fest to return to live performance after more than three years away".

At this point, it's just rumor. I usually don't like posting rumors because I know people will start planning a trip to California to attend Coachella, with no guarantee of the band even being there. Let's continue to wait for confirmation, and as soon as we hear of any date being official - rest assured that we'll post it up right away.

Thanks to Beth and Sharon for sharing the info with us
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