MTV Japan has announced that Green Day is expected to play at the MTV Japan Music Video Awards on May 30th. We haven't heard this from the band, but the industry site FMQB is reporting the news, and the MTV Japan site has this picture up of performers for the awards.

Last night DJ Rossstar interviewed director John Roecker on "DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show" which was streamed live online. The interview covered details about "Heart Like a Hand Grenade", and a good portion of time was spent just talking about the band. John mentioned that he filmed about 300 hours of video of the band for the documentary which spanned much of the 8 months while they worked on American Idiot. He talked about pieces of the film, which include a pool party (with some nudity), an m&m party where they "threw m&m's at some cars then just left", and the process the band goes through in creating an album. He also mentioned that Billie Joe plays a song on both piano and guitar (I'd be more impressed if it was both simultaneously) that has never been released.

He also talked about some random Green Day stories that he's got from the years he's known the band. "When Tre gets drunk, he cooks", was one random tidbit, and when asked about something that no one knows about the band, he said "Billie Joe likes to take naps" in the studio.

John was also asked about The Network, and while he said he didn't know who the band was, he also said the The Network will be releasing a new album at some point. He mentioned that 'Money money 2020' was written in one day, and recorded the next, which he called "instant art."

The interview will be posted a bit later today on DJ Rossstar's Stickam page, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. It's very entertaining.

Update: You can download audio of the interview here.

DJ Rossstar created a thread on the forum with some highlights from the interview. Watching the interview got me excited about the new film, and finally convinced me to drive out to LA for the premiere. I will be setting up a page that I'll update constantly while at the premiere to share all the info I get as it happens with you guys. More details on that next week. The premiere is on Wednesday the 25th, and it starts at 7:30pm. Be sure to come back to GDA to see what's new.
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