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Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend...well us US citizens who celebrate it anyway. As previously reported, 21 Guns was scheduled to be released as a single this week, that release was just for radio stations which starting playing the track on air this week. The actual single should be released in June. 21 Guns is scheduled to be on the tracklisting of the soundtrack to the upcoming movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Vote for Green Day on Spike for "Ballsiest Band". They are up against Metallica, and I'm trying not to let my personal feelings about that band end up in my news post here.

Unforunatly, Eminem has knocked Green Day out of the top spot on Rolling Stone. He's outselling Green Day in Australia too. But, our guys are still #1 at Amazon.

Green Day's Good Morning America performance made the list of People's top 5 moments for Friday. You can view their video here.

Andres and Tyke are working on a special project for the song meanings section of GDA, visit the forum for details on how you can participate. Check back in a couple days for the launch of that. In the meantime, take a look at the recently uploaded pictures to the Picture Vault.
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